Monday, April 1, 2013

3 Month Phone Dump

Really old pic but it was a cute one from the Fair in September
Going shopping

They still LOVE bath time. And I still despise it:)

Doing whatever we could to get them to go potty! Emma succeed in October but Avery had a little setback.

Having a twin sister does have it's advantages. Avery finally got it in January!!! NO MORE DIAPERS!

We have loved our outings with our friends Charlotte and Raleigh

After watching me take care of our friend Madeliene, the girls really got into their babies.

And making silly faces. This is A's surprised face.

Silly Emma

Such a sweet sleeper

Dinner with Grandpa Roth

They have become big jumpers!

Stealing a kiss from buddy

Valentine's Day!

Cold walks and first hot chocolate

Oh hey there sunshine!

More Friday playdates

Starting to bake with Mamma

Crown Hill Toddlers

Even though they fight, they have really started to play and entertain each other. Hearing them talk and laugh together just melts my heart. That is until I find out what naughty things they are doing.

Dress up. Raleigh really does ask to wear the dress!

We started the girls in a gymnastics class last month. Avery is absolutely fearless.

These three have so much fun together. Just love that they get to have a special friendship just like their Mammas.

More CHT 2013. Emma and our friend Griffin.

Avery, Carter, Calvin and Griffin.

Emma and Calvin

Story time with Teacher Janice

Denver Trip

Here is a post I forgot to finish back in January...

We took a flight out to Denver to see my sister and family in January. We dropped the kids and Grammy off at her house and then went up into the mountains for my good friend Crystal's wedding. Again, whenever we go on vacation with just the two of us I barely take any pictures! Too bad because her wedding was absolutely breathtaking.
Buying 4 airplane tickets for the first time was super fun. But at least they could sit in their own seats.
Auntie Stacey has the best toys!

Uncle Mike, the human toy
What life would be like with quads. Love them all to pieces but no thanks!
Cute rehearsal dinner
Beautiful (and COLD!) afternoon of cross country skiing

Emma's first time sleeping in a big kid bed

Getting some vitamin D in Denver
Little puffer